Palliative Drug

Get these thoughts out of my head!

Random (short) Photoblog

on 28 February 2010

i like random’ness.

do you like random’ness?

i like random’ness.

took a pic of 2 flies mating. looks like a 14-yr old boy doggie-styling his friend’s mother. the male fly was much smaller than the female.


ND once said to me that my family is weird – We drink soup from a cup. And drink beverages from a bowl.

I never thot of it as weird until he mentioned it. Then today, my family invented another tradition. I was surfing youtube, when I heard a commotion in the kitchen.

(hmmm… wat’s mummy & gina doing on the floor?)

Closer look…

(Gina cooking instant noodles)

I swear they are weird.


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