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What I Cook Best!!!

on 2 March 2010


And I have discovered my forte… INSTANT NOODLES!

Seriously it may seem like an easy thing to cook, but you can actually do it well if you want to.

Do you want to know my secret??????

Ok… those who read my blog will benefit from this becuz there IS a special technique to cooking the best tasting instant noodles with the right texture & superb mouth-watering soup:

1) control the fire to the exact temperature according to the thickness & stiffness of the instant noodles
2) test for wind direction, so that you’ll know where to move the instant noodles so that it will be evenly cooked
3) put in the noodles delicately & gently
4) pour any excess water out becuz you wan the soup base to be super yummy & not taste like murky water
5) put in the soup base & let the noodles soak in the yummy’ness!
5) pour entire contents into a bowl & slurp it all up!

Very skilful!!!

It’s so good you dun even need to add stupid things like eggs & veggies.

*beams proudly*


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