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Get these thoughts out of my head!


on 5 March 2010

Yesterday afternoon, I met my ex-colleagues from Transware for lunch. And at the same time, collected my testimonial from my ex-boss. It was a well-written piece. I thank her.

Then I drove to my parent’s house at Pinnacle. And we got on topics like how i shd find a not too stressing job & on different family cultures. Around 6.30pm, my bf called me to tell me that he’s getting off work. So I went downstairs to meet him. (his office is very near my parent’s place).

Yesterday, my bf’s auntie was discharged from the hospital and stayed at my bf’s place. And will be there for a couple of months. She will be sleeping with his mother. This auntie’s son (Jason) also stayed over & slept in the empty room.

Last night, my bf threw a hissy fit. At one point, he flinged the blanket away & hitting me in the process, then he huff’ed & puff’ed to the toilet to pee. When he stormed back to bed, i asked him, “you so angry for wat?”

And he claimed that everytime when he was about to drift off to sleep, I kept grabbing him in a pulsating manner…. you know, like grip & release, grip & release…

we then had a mini argument & both drifted off to sleep.

In the morning about 7am, i was woken up by kisses. It was my bf kissing me before he left for work. In my heart I was snickering, “must be feeling very guilty”… but I decided to be a gracious person & forgave him.

Then I drifted back to sleep. And dreamt of ghosts.

Ok, if you thought that the first few parts of this post was actually already talking abt the dream, then you’re wrong. NOW then only I start with the dream. But why would I talk about my earlier part of the day? I dunno…. just thot I mentioned it, so that maybe you can help me decipher why I dreamt of ghosts??

In the dream, I woke up (how ironic is that) & was thinking of being kind. So I thot of asking if the rest of my bf’s family wanted to go out for lunch. So as I was nearing Jason’s room, I caught sight of this blurry image of a hunched old lady with braids in her shoulder-length hair…. sitting at the study table (which in real life, there is no study table in the empty room which Jason is sleeping in now). i got a shock & in my head in the dream, I thot to myself, “ok… if i back away slowly & quietly, she won’t notice that i’m behind her”. But before I moved, she turn her head around slowly & creepily… and I froze.

Then maybe it was a memory lapse becuz I can’t really rmbr what happened after this. But basically, I think the dream ended up at some supermarket like NTUC or something. i rmbr walking around & not really being able to find my way to some place.

The next thing I rmbr’ed was that I was back at the house… and someone told me that there is a little boy ghost. So I took a baseball bat & thot about bashing his head in. i even saw this image of what the boy would look like with his head bashed in… bloodied… and the head was caved in at so many odd places…. and he got really pissed at me and lurched at me with his hands outstretched like he wanted to strangle me. (O_O) ….. soooooo…. SOMEHOW, instinct told me that baseball bats wouldn’t work on ghosts. (-_-) … right. I looked at the little boy ghost (& mentally realized that he was really fat). I said to him, “ppl look for work is never for passion… it’s mainly for survival. But the fact that your father chose to be a policeman…. it really tells a lot about his character.”




I’m a friggin GENIUS!!! Becuz the little fatty got into this depressed mood and I was cuddling him. Fat ghosts are light becuz I couldn’t feel any weight on me. Or maybe that’s becuz it’s only a dream.

Some other stuff happened in between but I can’t rmbr. I woke up for real. And got stressed out, wondering what time it was already. Not that I was late for work becuz I’m jobless now. But more like, what would my bf’s family think if I woke up at lunchtime?!?! So I grabbed my hp to check the time & it was merely 9:08am which is actually way too early for me to wake up, but I forced myself to becuz 9am is also considered too late for ppl to wake up in his family’s concept.

Now that I’m thinking about it…. I can’t decide which is more scary. Dreaming of ghosts or waking up late at my bf’s house?


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