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Jack Neo Scandal

on 9 March 2010

There is so much hype on this stupid, mildly replusive scandal about our 50-yr old Jack Neo who had a 2-yr affair with a 22-yr old unimpressive-looking model.

Therefore I feel no need to blog about this since I’m sure at least 1 million bloggers would have blogged about this already. And ppl will feel bored if they click on my blog & read (yet another) post on Jack Neo.

So I shall just refrain from blogging about details of Jack Neo who is our very own Tiger Woods. I’m so proud of him… we finally have a Hollywood-style worthy scandal. But why must we always copy & paste from other countries? It’s like our variety programs are somewhat similar to Taiwan programs. Our drama serials are somewhat copied from HK. Now even our scandals also must copy from Hollywood / USA.

Can’t we just have an original piece of work?


… … … actually Ris Low is rather original… … … *feels proud for fellow Singaporeans*… She’s so boomz… hahahahaha… omg…. i can’t believe that the best we have is Ris Low. What’s going on Singapore!!!!!?????

Seriously are there no more good loyal successful intelligent guys in this world?

If you wan to cheat, then at least be a man & admit it like George Clooney who made it super clear to all his women & to the public that he doesn’t intend to settle down. Like that it’s fair to the women becuz they will not put so much hope on him & can just feel at ease to spend his money on material things. There will be this mutual understanding that George Clooney will one day say to his girl, “thank you ma’am, it has been fun but I met this other cocktail waitress the other day & I’m going to bring her to events from now onwards”. Then the ex-girl can go home & kiss all her material goods while reminiscing the sex-times with George Clooney & hope that Gerald Butler will her next no-strings attached Sugar Daddy.

Seriously, there is such a hooha surrounding men like Tiger Woods & Jack Neo is becuz nobody likes to be lied to. They portray themselves as friggin holy men whose lives circle around their family. Then actually they are just lowly chee ko pei’s. And they dun only chee ko pei one time. They chee ko pei with many many many women!!! Not only that, all their women are either loose women who hopes that these lechers can help them make it big in the movie industry, or they are paid women. Why Tiger Jack (their situation is so similar that they deserve to share a name) behave like those Geylang chee ko pei’s??? You know those old dirty uncles who smoke too much, drink too much and sit at the coffeeshop all night, looking at China/Vietnam prostitutes walk by or stand along Geylang streets? Then when these lecher uncles stare until they finally get an erection, they approach the filthy hookers for a quick (or not quick) fark… depending how long they can hold their erections.

But whether it is Tiger Woods or Jack Neo, the news of their many underground affairs still does not surprise me. Maybe it’s becuz I dun really care about them. It’s not really that shocking. Like Tiger Jack are both successful men. What makes you think that they can be faithful? I always have this perception that men w $$$ is a push factor for them to cheat. Unless there is news that even Patricia Mok Xiaoling stands up & says, “Jack Neo also hit on me!!!”. Now THAT…. will be press-worthy news.

Patricia Mok (on left) breaks the camera lens w her smile, then force-kiss the guy in the pic

I can imagine a few scenarios on if I catch my bf cheating on me & finding out in different ways.

Scenario 1
Came home halfway suddenly becuz i was feeling sick. Realized that the room door is closed & I wonder why becuz we always leave it open. Opens door to see my bf & another girl in bed. (classic drama)…. now at this point in time, what would I do? I think will be stunned for like 5secs before the 2 of them realize that I’m standing there. I might:

(a) walk out of the door…. which is actually highly unlikely…
(b) rage war at the both of them with vulgarities & a lot of slapping
(c) run to the kitchen to get a knife before they can put their clothes back on… stab my bf in both legs first becuz he’s a runner & may escape really quickly… then i proceed to slash the girl / boy (depending who my bf is having the affair with… GAYS SHALL ALSO NOT BE SPARED) all over her / his private parts while shouting, “SEE HOW MUCH HE WILL LOVE YOU NOW, YOU FARKING BITCH!!!”… then proceed to tie my bf up while I literally put salt on his leg wounds… and slice his dick up and mince it and feed it back to him…. watch him puke & feeling gleeful… then call the ambulance so he wouldn’t die, then I jump off the building to commit suicide & let him live a regrettably sex’less life in a wheelchair. *YES!!! in heaven w angels giving me pats on my back*… it’s like ever since I watched the movie Legion, I’ve come to believe that angels are not an innocent as we thought, together with, bunnies.

Scenario 2
Found out that my bf is having an affair becuz while he was taking a shower, a girl sms’ed him lovey dovey stuff. I wait for him to come out of the shower then run to kiss him on the cheek, bite his ear off & spit it out the window. While he ouch in pain, I punch slap kick him in the balls to immobilize him. Then I shout at him that this is what he’s going to get when he cheats on me & tell him what i’m going to do to his dick later. He screams back in pain & I laugh in his face. When he tries to explain how the girl was infatuated w him & that he has been brushing her off but she still sends lovey dovey sms’es to him, I shut his mouth by sewing his lips together & tell him that if that’s the case, he should hv made a bigger effort in rejecting her. There is no fire w/o smoke. Then I go off to murder all his beloved family members & keep them as food for him. Torture him a few weeks by feeding him the flesh of his own family. Watch him lose his mind. Lets him go. Kills myself. *angels pat me on my back again, feeling proud*… hey angels have feelings too, you know. Justice must be served.

Ok, I think 2 scenarios are enough for now. But I can run a thousand more situations & torture methods in my head if I catch my bf flirt with another girl.

Anyway… I’m not as saintly as Jack Neo’s wife who claimed she knew about his affairs, but choose to accept him becuz “as long as she loves him, can already”. Fark that!

I’m not as forgiving as Tiger Woods’ wife who accompany her lecher husband to a sex addiction clinic. Go & die, sia!

Play a stunt like that & I will…. …. i will……. i will……….. run into a corner & cry like a wimp. *angels shake their heads at me & call me a wimp*… well, we wouldn’t know what exactly we will do in that kind of situation unless it happens, right? Maybe i blackout & start killing everyone? Maybe I turn his house into a torture chamber like Hostel? Maybe I run away & hide for 10yrs while plotting a mastermind plan like Law Abiding Citizen. Or play games with my cheating bf like Saw & let him choose which family member he wants to sacrifice? Or maybe I will just leave him & wallow in self-pity, doing nothing. Or go for plastic surgery & turn into a man.

*punch slap kick my Ter Kia*… SO FRUSTRATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get so easily affected once I immersed myself in negative situations… i shd stop doing it or i’ll start having sleepless nights & start hitting my bf in his sleep.

ps: Ter Kia = the little pink piglet pillow I put under my armpit while I sleep every night… although sometimes he falls off the bed & sleeps on the floor instead


2 responses to “Jack Neo Scandal

  1. tnuldblunt says:

    why does both scenarios result in you commiting suicide? c’mon…it’s just a lying male being.

    how about being cool…and ask him to choose on the spot. if he chooses you, dump him on the spot. and if he doesn’t choose you, then slash the girl.


      secondly, it all ended in me committing suicide becuz i dun wan to go to jail for murder? hahahahahhaa…. but i laughed at the “if he chooses you, dump him. and if he doesn’t, slash the girl” part!! tat was hilarious!! hahahahahaha!!!

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