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Released Blog Post

on 14 March 2010

I’m such a procrastinator.

I recently set up this blog in, trial & error with passwords & other mini experiments in this place. Anyway…….. the moral of the story is that I have just finished a blog post titled, “Will Things Ever Change”. Actually you might have seen it before but it was protected by password…. …. becuz at that time I wanted to see how the password thing works, but I haven’t completed the blog post & then I left it in there for some time & decided to abandon it by trashing it, but then I decided to un-trash it again so I can work on it. hahahaha… anyway, if you wan to read it, you can either scroll backwards on my blog or if you’re too lazy, you can just click HERE on this link.

I still have a post on CNY 2010 coming up, but I’m again too lazy to work on it yet. But it’s not as if anyone’s waiting to see it. I just feel like ranting today randomly.

OK… i’m off to watch Heroes 4 now. Hiro has tumour. Syler lost his memory & is living with some carnival freaks. There’s a deaf girl who can see colors. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

Did I also mention that I found out that Daddy reads my blog?!?!?!?!! YAY!!! *BIG KISS TO DADDY*!!! And if you get to see him, you can boost his morale by saying that he has no more belly now. Daddy has officially lost a whole bunch of weight. Plus he loves ppl to praise him.


2 responses to “Released Blog Post

  1. tnuldblunt says:

    dear uncle lau,

    congrats on your weight loss. i hope that it’s through monitoring your diet and exercise as that’s always the best way.

    dear miss big lau,
    i am very lazy to link all my blogposts with trackbacks like how you did it. how would you like to do it for me?

    dear miss small lau,
    i’ll be calling MDA if i find out that your essay has not been completed.


    • =| , i’m honoured to respond on behalf of my father & say that he has been losing weight during the move from Bishan to Pinnacle. But after which, he has been controlling his intake of fatty food.

      As for me……. is it really that much trouble to link that trackback thing? Maybe I invented a new way of trackback or maybe becuz there isn’t much posts up yet so it’s easier for me to find the link i want.

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