Palliative Drug

Get these thoughts out of my head!


on 4 June 2010

I feel like a different person. I will blog more often. Record all my events, thoughts & happenings on my blog. So that when one day, when I’m old enough to have Alzheimer’s disease, at least someone can let me read my own blog & I might start to recall the good ole times.

If you think about it, blogs are like a memory of who you are. When you have passed on, your children can get their children to read your blog & get to know what their grandma/pa was like when they were around on earth. Then their children will get their children to read it too, and so on. So you see. Blogs create your very own legacy. I wan my own legacy.

Also, imagine if you took a picture of your car now. Then 1000 years later, if the earth is still around, your future descendants who will be living in a world similar to… i dunno… Star Trek or something, will be able to view your blog and proudly say to their friends, “see! my grandma/pa had one of those vintage cars before!”… then they buzz off in their little auto-pilot hoover crafts to go to school up in the clouds.

Isn’t this thought EXCITING?????

We should all create our own legacy.


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