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Lonely & Deserted

on 14 June 2010

*sits in front of my blog screen w/ a cold hard breeze blowing against my face*… wooosh sh woo sh woooooo shhh…

*watches a dry ball of hay roll across the desert sands & in the far distance a crow picking dead meat off a carcass*…

wow… typical screenshot of an abandoned blog…

But seriously, I dun feel very funny nowadays. Is it becuz I have matured? Or is it becuz i dun try to be funny anymore & therefore, I matured.

Not much is happening either. Well… actually I have taken a lot of pictures, but never got around to upload them. But I will. Maybe within this week (which I always say I’ll do it but never do).

I got a new job at a law firm. Probation period was supposed to be 3 months, but Number 2 & my immediate manager must be very impressed w my work, so they confirmed me in 2 months. YAY! So glad that my work is being recognized & appreciated!! I vow to strive harder! The only thing that is demotivating will be the lack of challenges in this job. It’s so unlike my previous logistics company. I used to do more superivisory & higher level duties, but now I’m doing administrative & easy jobs that doesn’t require a lot of brain power. The work days can be busy, but simple… if you kw what i mean. sigh… i’m so afraid i might so senile one day & start asking ppl to feed me every 1/2 an hour.

gei wo yi dian chi de ba… (translation: give me something to eat)…

Also, recently I’m starting to get a little too obsessed with facial products. I blame Gina Lau for this. She recently went to Korea w her 2 lookalike friends (actually all 3 of them look so similar). There, she bought like… $200 (oh wait… it’s like… $1000) worth of products from Face Shop, Skin Food & Nature Republic. Although you think that it’s crazy, but tat’s becuz these products are more expensive in Singapore. Here, 1 mask sheet costs like $4 & a face mask cream type costs like $20+. In Korea, it’s 1 for $1 for mask sheets & $6 for the mask cream type. HOW FARKING CHEAP IS THAT?!?!?! And wat’s worse is now I wan to complain to Nature Republic!!! Gina bought this Home Made Recipe Green Tea mask from Nature Republic Korea. Trust me, it’s SUPER good. I used it just twice & my horrific skin infection actually cleared up! So I went on this islandwide hunt at all Nature Republic stores (actually only 2 stores here), but they do not carry this product yet. ARHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! FRUSTRATED!!!! GLOOM GLOOM GLOOM!!! *throws lightning bolts everywhere just to punish the world for Nature Republic’s fault*… … … anyone else going to Korea? Buy for meeeeeeee!!!

(Speaking of horrific skin infection, I am NOT posting pics of that up here becuz it was super gross, besides, I’m cured now.)

hmmm… wat other updates in my life that i can share with my decendants who fly around in spacecrafts (pls see previous blog post on Legacy)… hmmmm…

oh oh… i will insist that they watch Big Bang Theory. It’s one of the classic nerd series ever made in history. I watched season 1 and almost died. I wonder where Sheldon gets his checkered pants……… so cool….

I must promote that the Ban Mian at 2nd level Bishan bus interchange is damn farkin good. I think the store is called Sim Lim Square Home Made Noodles. If you’re ever there to eat, please order Number 6 from the Ban Mian store just beside the drinks counter. It’s dry Ban Mian. I eat it religiously that the owners will recite my very specific order the second they see me, “Liu Hao (Number 6). Sao la, duo chu, jia yi dian hei jiang (translation: less chilli, more vinegar, add a bit of black sauce)… ”

*gulpppppppppppppppppp*… totally salivating now. How I wish they will open up more branches, especially in Suntec. I confirm eat it everyday & will promote Number 6 to ALLLLLLLLLL my colleagues. Seriously, it’s THAT good. And if I see them not ordering Ban Mian Number 6, I will know they are nuts. Who wouldn’t want to eat Sim Lim Square Ban Mian everyday?????? JIAK JIAK (translation: eat eat)… *force feeds colleagues w crazy look in my eyes & crooked grin*… JIN HOR JIAK!!! (translation: super nice to eat)…

Speaking of crazy’ness, i have a Tea Lady whom I will note her down in history (she deserves it truely & surely):

1) Mean Little Old Lady – who has yelled & scolded at everyone in the office. Threatened to scald me w hot water. Purposely splash leftover coffee on another colleague but it was a near-miss. Picks up random hairs on the floor to burn them while chanting. Unmarried & childless, whom Weiliang has offered to marry her which I think it’s an excellent choice becuz I’m guessing she damn farkin rich. And probably after Weiliang has offered his youthful self to her on their wedding night, the Mean Little Old Lady might finally be at peace w everyone in the office.

Alright. Make a list of things I wan to put in my next blog post:

1) I will put up pictures of the Green Tea mask from Nature Republic which we cannot get in Singapore. Everyone must complain w me!!! Ok?? Steady??? ON!!
2) Odd building color spotted in Tanjong Pagar
3) Pictures of caterpillas in different colors & a cocoon just outside my house
4) Delicious prawn noodle store
5) Mummy’s Day celebration @ Vivocity
6) Drunkards at Pinnacle
7) Chio shoes
8) Shit-stained car
9) Newspaper clippings that make you go “AIYO”
10) Camwhore pics


God I’m hungry now. I must learn never to blog about food.


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