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Alvin’s 28th (or is it 29th? oh heck i can never rmbr) Birthday

on 23 June 2010

Wow, his birthday was like… in April & I’m only blogging abt this in June.

hahahahaha… but i promise the pictures are cute… (ie: me)… just kidding… or maybe not.

dum dum dum… on the way to Vivocity…

Gina always looks gleeful when she’s able to sponge off others… in this case, me… becuz I’m the one treating the whole family to Dian Xiao Er. The place has ridiculously delicious duck.

Alvin looks surprised in tis pic becuz he doesn’t get out much. He probably saw a bird fly past & was like, “EAGLE!”… and we would be like, “calm down… it’s only a sparrow”.

At Dian Xiao Er, camwhoring in progress…

Ok, now pretend that there are a whole bunch of pictures on delicious saucy duck, green veggies, fat oily meat & hot herbal soup… (becuz we didn’t take any food pictures)…

Then fast forward 1.5 hrs later, Alvin & Gina demands ice-cream from Ben & Jerry’s.

Then we walked around for a bit in Vivocity & saw this plane-boat thing that received some media hype.

And a lame attempt to capture the view of Sentosa across the waters… i think that’s… Universal Studios or something.  What do I know.  Nobody ever brings me out to anywhere fun… *quick side-glance to Dummy*…

Then a whole bunch of blurry pictures taken in the night… eh… give me some credit, ok.  I’m only using my Sony Ericsson Satio hp to take these pictures & not some DSLR camera.  Speaking of this…. digressing a bit here, wat do all of you think of the Olympus Pen EP1 DSLR camera??

Then we went back into Vivocity & viewed the Singapore Maritime Week Photography Competition.  And was sua-ku’ly surprised at this picture…

It’s our new house!

But the picture that got all of us captivated was this…

I know you can’t really see it in this pic… but in real life, I assure you that it was very very 3D.  Like watching How To Train Your Dragon with 3D glasses.  It was THAT nice.
I overheard Daddy snickering to Mummy something about “the same since young”… “never change”… “still like a small kid”… … and I immediately swirled around & kaypoh’ed, “daddy daddy daddy… wat wat wat… tell me tell me”… (insert VERY VERY kaypoh expression here)… and Daddy point point at Alvin & snicker snicker somemore.

Everyone thinks it’s funny & the Lau family (+1 Chew) is so big on humilating others…

Did I also mention that we all love to take pictures & camwhore in public?

If you haven’t realized, I’m mostly hunched in the pics.  I wonder why.

Alvin is always looking at some far distance & not in the camera, but somehow that looks good.

Gina is always looking gleeful with her signature toothy grin. So cute I wanna smack it.

Before I end my blog post, 1 last pic…




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