Palliative Drug

Get these thoughts out of my head!

If I were…

on 29 June 2010

… smart, I wouldn’t be who I am. Dumb & lazy. JUST KIDDING. or maybe not kidding on the lazy part. But if I were smart, I wouldn’t have the friends I have today. I would have better friends who are rich & fabulous. JUST KIDDING. *kenna whacked with rotten eggs*… … kidding lahhhh. I am happy with my friends. So many memories… … We have grown together, been thru so much shit, peed in phone booths, picked up a severed finger in Pasir Ris chalet, puked in each other’s presence, got into fights, visited abandoned haunted places, criticised each other’s partners, praised each other’s partners, bullied those who bullied us, lied, cheat, fainted & got carried back home, cried, laughed, skipped school together, etc etc…

Not only friends… but the experiences I had been thru & learnt from… the bfs I had that lead to the one who truely is willing to be physically abused by me. And my siblings wouldn’t be on good terms with me becuz I’m smart… well, they’re smart now… but we wouldn’t be close if I was as smart as them becuz I’ll be burying myself in studies instead of finding time to disturb them.

… a guy, I think I would be a playboy in the early stages of my life. Then I would get deeply hurt by one girl whom really matters to me, and I would miraculously change myself to be a better man but will never be able to find another girl to love again until the age of 70 & she is 20.

… a past life, I would hv been a… a…. … … … an Executioner. Chopping heads off just for fun, but yet get highly paid for a job that nobody wants to do. I would be big guy with large triceps & defined biceps with a huge broad firm chest. But yet, I would be kind-hearted and take care of neighbourhood cats & dogs. Would I have a wife? hmmm… should I have a wife? Nope. I think I’ll just marry my pillow like this guy.

… an animal, I would like to be any cute small cuddly animal becuz I like cuddles. But i would have sharp teeth & claws just in case some pervert decides to perform beastiality on me. I ever have the misforture of knowing this ang moh guy who likes to stick his finger up his cat’s ass. He likes to sniff it as well. It was…. horrible. He said it’s becuz his cat is feeling lonely. i mean, wtf?!?! I think your grandmother is also feeling lonely, why dun you stick your finger up her ass??? you sick bastard. *really sticks his finger up his grandmother’s ass*… tat is so wrong.

… an object, I would be….. ….. …. a bra? No, some girls dun wash their bras often & intend to make yogurt out of it. A comb? yucks @ oily scalp & all sorts of hair problems. Ummm… aiya this is too tough to think. But I do know guys like to be a dildo or panties or something…. *eyes you knowingly*… i know youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…

Ok, I’m just going to abruptly stop my blog post now becuz I’m tired.


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