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Hi Did My Font Type Change

blah blah blah blah blah… seems like it didn’t… FARK!!!

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Skincare Regime in Military Style (Part 3)… NOT!

I know I stopped at Cleansing routine.

But honestly, what mummy said about me is true.  I’m a ban4 tong2 shui3 (1/2 tank of water).  It means that I always give up halfway.  But this is my blog & I get to move it in whichever direction that I want it to go.  And right now, I’m telling you that I do not WANT to blog anymore about skincare regime in military style anymore.  =D

You can read Part I and Part II.  Actually it’s not entirely abt skincare, every now & then I tend to digress and talk about something else.  I have short attention span… or… a short interest span.  Like halfway thru, I just want to talk about other things becuz they interest me more than what I was originally talking abt.

So there will never be a Part III unless I really feel super bored.

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Trival Info (which you might already know)

Remember how I was upset about not being able to increase the font size of my blog text????

I just found out that you don’t have to change the man to suit the surroundings.  You can change the surroundings to suit the man!  (verse stolen from an old Guiness Stout commercial featuring George Lam? Yam? Tam?)

Since I can’t do anything about my typing font, YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR READING VIEW!!!

If you’re using laptop, you can hold on to CTRL key then tab onto the + key to increase the size of the whole webpage that you’re reading.  Then hold on to CTRL key & tab onto the – key to decrease the size.

If that don’t work, then you can always go to View and select Text Size.  Then chose “Larger” or “Largest”.

Incredible, isn’t it?

But then again, this is probably something which you already know.

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Protected: What is wrong with these people?!?!?!

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Singapore Ghost Story

It all started when I heard the DJs on 91.3FM doing this segment on… *gets ready scary echo’y voice*… “CREEPY COCKROACH STORYYYYYY… (insert typical high-pitched scream from a man)”.

hahaha… it was funny hearing them do that voice-over on the radio.

It made me want to do a research on creepy cockroach stories just for fun.  But then you know how researches on the internet will go…. you want cockroach & the internet gives you ghosts (becuz obviously they are creepy too).  You want pregnancy advices & the internet gives you porn.      :-\   … well, there is nothing you can do about it…

So anyway, I clicked on some websites talking about ghost stories.  Found out that us Singaporeans have our very own Paranormal Investigators!  They call themselves… … … … Singapore Paranormal Investigators (SPI).  Very very creative & original with the group name, guys.  *thumbs up*

If I had my own Paranormal Investigators, I would call them…………. Men in Redwhite.  Firstly, Redwhite sounds cool & you need to twist your tongue a bit to pronounce the word.  Secondly, Red… White.  Get it?  Redwhite!  The colors on our Singapore flag!  Thirdly, Men in Redwhite won’t make any sense so ppl will feel curious, but we’ll remain a mystery.  *feels so proud of herself*

So we all know that our poor Singaporean men have to go slog it out in the army for 2 years or 2.5 years as National Service (NS).  We send them for exercises & firing blanks at cardboards.  Risk their lives by making them navigate thru forests / jungles or jump out of planes or scale down high buildings.  Expose them to the world of prostitution when we send them overseas for jungle training & distributing condoms to them.  Way to go on the safe sex education!  Then again, this is my own personal opinion becuz I do know some guys who go into NS & nvr come out the same anymore – for better or for worse?  I shall leave the thinking to you.

Back to SPI website, I chanced upon this story about a guy during his army days as a Signaler.  Website link HERE.

So the story goes:

Would like to share a story (only that you don’t publish my real name) that I experienced personally during my army days. This was 1991.

After BMT, I was posted to School of Signals at Stagmont Camp for 7 weeks of  Basic Signaler Course. Camp was an eye-opener as it was like a holiday camp compared to the crummy SBMT (well, I have another one on that) where I came from.

OK, as signalers, we have to go through radio and line course. Line means that we use field telephones instead of mobile radio sets. The most difficult part is to “lay the line” as we call it – basically run from point A to B and connect 2 telephones while making sure we give enough slack for maintenance. In Line training, there is this exercise to lay it in built-up areas, which is basically a building.

Off we went on a short ride to this abandoned govt blocks in Chua Chu Kang. It was an afternoon. We were split into 12 teams and 2 teams are tasked to lay line all the way to the 6th floor of each abandoned building by entering from the two staircase entrances located at each side of the building. To my best recollection, there were 6 blocks, 5 together and an isolated one about 50 meters away down a slope. My team together with another were bloody unfortunate to be tasked to lay Block 6 – yup, the isolated one. Was not so much about goblins and ghosts then but for the fact that each team is timed on their mission and the last team has to do push ups on the hot ground full of sands and stones – a real bummer. We had to work faster.

I was detachment-in-charge and my responsibility was to run as fast as I can to the block, run up the stairs to the 6th floor, cist the cable and connect it to the phone, check communications and run back to report with my mates. The other 2 of my mates have the responsibility of covering up the line and allow enough slack. As I ran like hell up the stairs, something made me look back at the corner on the 4th floor. I saw nothing. When I reached the 6th floor and started working with my pliers, I heard a female voice (Editor’s Note: why must it always be female, right???) talking in the empty rooms. Pressed for time, I was not thinking much about it. But as I was finishing my job, the talking which I could not make out what was said as they were kind of mumblings, grew louder and it sounded like that female was losing an argument (you know how they are) (Editor’s Note: how dare he insult us… no wonder the female ghost wants to disturb him). Next thing I heard was a loud bang, exactly like slamming of a door. What made me froze for 3 seconds was that several other doors also slammed shut one after another.

At that point, I have finished my job, and ran downstairs by jumping each staircase from the 2nd or 3rd step. I didn’t say anything because not being the last detachment to report back took utmost priority for me. When the exercise was almost done, we needed to collect back the field telephone and cables. I kind of suggested to my mates that we should share the work and one of them should go up and claim these items. (Yup, I’m that kind of dude then).

We went back to camp, returned the stores and waited for dinner. I still didn’t tell anyone. In the bunk, I was sitting on the floor opposite this guy from the team that was laying the line at the other end of block 6. Thinking back, they had a rawer deal as their staircase entrance was facing the woods while mine was facing the command centre. Anyway, this guy look real pale and green. Then I sprang my questions. “Did you lay block 6?”, “Did you hear any woman’s voice?” The guy looked at me and was totally shocked out of his pants! (Editor’s Note: He was probably shocked becuz he was thinking, “CB.. this asshole know abt it & didn’t say anything to warn the rest of us)He couldn’t speak for at least 1 min and then told me his story.

When we were collecting back the equipment, this dude was unsure if his detachment ic was upstairs doing it, so he ventured upstairs to look for him. While he was at halfway between the 5th and 6th floor staircase, he called out the ic’s name and got a female voice replying “Wo zai ze li” (I am here). (Editor’s Note: *goosebumps*… i hate it when ghosts say tat… it’s downright scary, sia.  Either this or it’s that old Chinese song – Wang Bu Liao (translation: Cannot Forget)… creepy creepy)Straightaway he dashed back downstairs. We tried to analyze and rationalize it because it was broad daylight (sunny and hot) and we had a female instructor present during the exercise. But all the time she was at the command post. Could it be a human hiding in the rooms? Finally, we approached our female sergeant (instructor) and told her our experience. She confirmed that she was at the command post all the time and the blocks are vacant. Later that evening, she revealed that we were not the only ones that “complained” about it. Apparently, previous platoons also encountered unexplained things there. After this event, the place was not used for any future line training exercises. (Editor’s Note: Strange, why got receive complaints before but nvr stop future exercises… but now, then they stop?  Do they have this quota target of complaints to hit before taking it seriously?)

The story did not end…

1992 – I was in a unit and involved in this big division exercise just before my ROD. My unit was in Tekong and I had ultra sinang duties. With nothing to do at night, I sat around a bunch of store man and drivers listening to ghost stories. There was this driver that said that during his teenage days, they like to peep at lovers making out at night. One of the hotspots then was a bunch of abandoned govt blocks in Chua Chu Kang. But there was one incident whereby this girl was ditched by the boyfriends and she hung herself in one of the rooms. I couldn’t believe what I have heard!

Immediately, I asked him to describe the place…it was the same BLOCK 6!!!

Does anyone have any experiences in the same vicinity? I am sure that mine is not an isolated case…

I LOVE GHOST STORIES!!!!!  Even when I doubt it sometimes…. but I like scaring myself (but not too much).  If I come across any real scary stories, I’ll post them here!

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Intriguing Theory on Backstabbing

Today at 1126hrs, I feel like a Sheldon from Big Bang Theory.

All these while I had this basic Cause & Effect perception in my mind about backstabbing:

– someone pissed you off

– to sneakily hurt someone’s name & reputation behind their back becuz they pissed you off

– to make 5 out of 10 ppl trust your backstabbing words (hey, you can’t have ALL of them give you their trust based on your words)

Preventative Measures
– don’t let the receiver of your backstab find out out you have done

Recovery Action
– if the receiver does find out about you backstabbing her, you shd hv a lie ready on hand

Actually some ready-made lies as researched on the internet (no kidding) are as follows:

act dumb like you’ve nvr heard of it before & keep asking “ARE YOU SURE ARE YOU SURE HE SAID THAT ABOUT ME???”… (maybe this is to keep her wondering if she heard the wrong info or if that other fella heard the wrong info)

gasp in shock & say that you dun kw what’s going on & honestly you dun wan to be a part of any political struggle in the office (which is actually quite smart becuz this way it would instill a little doubt in the receiver aka your victim on everything that she hears)

react in anger & demand who is the farker who betrayed you spread such lies abt poor innocent you, then swear to the heavens above on your innocence (while keeping your fingers crossed behind your back)

behave nonchalantly like it doesn’t affect you & emotionlessly ask which fella told her about you backstabbing her, then the victim would feel surprised at your non-reaction & this is the part where you say that you can’t do anything if she chooses to believe tat other guy than trust you (very very sneaky indeed)

Ok, but as I was saying, apparently, ppl do not backstab others just becuz they pissed someone off.

I found out today that backstabbing can be done for all sorts of reasons:

– you’re pissed at someone *backstab!*, common

– you’re jealous at someone *backstab!*, common

– you’re bored *backstab!*, yes bored like nothing to do & you decide to talk about something about someone, then feel that it would be interesting to backstab them.

– you’re happy &  you kw it, so clap your hands while backstabbing ppl *backstab!*, this breed intrigues me & I hv yet to find out why they do this

The scariest group of ppl are actually those who gather around the office & gossip & laugh & look like they are always having a great time.  But in actual fact, when one of them arrives back late for lunch break, the rest of them start gossiping among themselves about how she’s too much & taking advantage.  When the late-returner appears back in the office from her extended lunch break, suddenly everyone is laughing & joking & giving one another pats on the backs again.  WTH????????

Or or… when one of them needs specialist care & goes to the hospital on time-off from work, the rest of them would show their concern “oh how are you now?  is everything ok?  how’s the report results?“.  But then they run to another person & complain that this sick colleague is always not doing her work & question if an MC was produced for her absence.  WTH x2 ?????????????????????

(insert any other backstabbing situations here)

Come on, it’s either you’re concerned or you’re not, right?????????

*pauses to ponder on this for a while*

This is interesting to me.  Seems like the world has evolved into something very different from my generation.

Last time it used to be very simple – piss someone off & risk the possibility of a backstab.  But now it’s all so complicated.

I shall put more thought into this so tat I can rationalise the wonders of backstabbing.

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Skincare Regime in Military Style (Part 2)

YAY!  PART 2!!!

*notes tat I’m the only one excited abt it*

oh well…

I’m not kidding you when I say tat my skincare regime has gone thru MANY research… and trialS & errorS (they deserve capital S’s for the uncountable times i hv gone thru the process) before I found the one tat suits me the most.   For your info, I have super sensitive skin.  And I’m freckled… oh well, you kw all abt it already in Part I (read it here).

In recent years (like 3yrs back), I started developing a stubborn acne on the right corner of my chin.  You kw the kind that you can’t pop becuz it’s beneath the surface??  It’s VERY irritating, I assure you.  Seriously, I tried so many things & methods & combinations & skin doctors that I gave up a while:

1)  I tried leaving it alone & obviously it stays as a permanent resident. 

2)  I tried slapping on all kinds of acne cream, but my skin dried up + lots of flaking + agitated the original acne by giving birth to even more baby zits (they are like mutants w/ rapid multiplying abilities). 

3)  Saw 2 or 3 doctors who prescribed nothing but antibiotics and some useless white cream thing.  I seriously needed more help than they can give me.

4)  Facial products but a few of them actually activated another virus of mine.  COLD SORES, for some reason.  sigh… I’m like the epitome of serious skin problems.

To make it worse, I recently bought a bottle of Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil (the purple one, supposedly for whitening skin) & that product totally RUINED my skin!!!  I dun care who are the Hollywood big shots who swear by this product, but I would give them a piece of my $&@*#(&@)!^ mind for misleading innocent gullible ppl like me.  Apparently, this oil is too rich for me.  And it caused a continuous 2-3 weeks massive breakout of mini-zits all around my mouth/lip area.  Actually after tat episode, I’m still having occasional breakouts around that area… it’s like tat product activated some oily gland on my face!!!  It was very devastating.  I tried EVERYTHING to salvage the situation, but nothing works.  My whole face was oily for quite some time.  By right, I’m a combination skin type.  Then, I became like an oily skin (oily on the cheeks & even more oily on T-zone).  Weird, right?!?!?!  Anyway, then I did some research on this god-forbidden product & found out that some poor souls out there have similar reactions like mine!  Breakouts!  However, there are others who swear by this product (esp those who experience cold dry weather) & it works great for them.  I am still carrying the marks from that massive breakout.  HORRIBLE.  I didn’t want to go to work at all.  I was so damn self-conscious & ppl’s eyes were darting to my mouth area while talking to me.  Must be thinking, “eeeeeee… never wash mouth after eating“.  *dies from embarrassment*… *sings Christina Aguilera’s song – don’t look at me, I am beautiful… no matter what they say… words can’t bring meeee downnnnnn… ohh ohh yeahhh ahhhh*…

I gave tat cleansing oil to mummy though.  It didn’t harm her in any way.  She told me my auntie is using it & thought it was good too.  Hmmmm… maybe that cleansing oil is for old *cough*  i mean, mature women.

Anyway, 2 months have passed & I am STILL getting breakouts around the mouth/lip/chin area.  What the bloody hell did that Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil do to me?!?!

Therefore, I did a lot of research thru the internet (and again, how much info on cyberspace can we actually trust??  but it’s worth a try).

I read that if the mouth/lip area is always infected with zits, it could be the fluctuating hormone levels that is associated with women’s menstruation cycle.  Not sure how true that is, but somehow it makes sense for me.  Again I stress that this all happens AFTER using that Shu Uemura product… whenever my cycle is nearing, I tend to pop A LOT of tiny zits around my chin & lips.  Ok, not really A LOT.  But 3 or 4 of these pus-like zits are enough to drive me CRAZY.  I think Shu Uemura added some kind of hormones into their products to harm little girls like me.

Well, if you’re a guy who experiences this same problem area, then…………….. ummmm… … I hv absolutely no idea why men go thru hormone changes, but you might want to take care of your skin as well.

Ppl around me always tell me tat my skin is not tat bad or tat I’m exaggerating abt my skin problems, but don’t we all want PERFECT SKIN????  Don’t we all want to look like flawless 20yr olds even when we’re 40????

Digressing – I totally approve of the Old Chang Kee store at Suntec Tower 4!!!  Their curry puffs are much nicer than any other Old Change Kee stores.  *munch slurp yum*… the crust texture alone is fabulous!  I’m also having fried spicy cuttlefish on a stick + chicken mee sua for lunch.  Dun really like the body part of the cuttlefish becuz it’s disgustingly mushy, but the legs are delicious.  =)   The chicken mee sua is rather nice.  See?!?!  With all these fried unhealthy food, all the more I have to look after my skin.  I’m not kidding when I say that my skin becomes more oily if I eat unhealthily over a period of time.  Really support Freddie Kruger’s statement in Nightmare on Elm Street, “you are what you eat“… while he forces this guy (or was it a girl) to stuff his fat face until he bloats up into Jabba the Hut.  My life has never been the same again after Freddie.  Oh, and Chucky as well.  I hate dolls who walk around at night or when nobody’s watching.  Tat’s why I nvr play with Barbie when I was younger.  There is something creepy abt tat perfect looking doll.  I still think she gets up in the middle of the night to comb my hair.  Be nice, Barbie.  Peace.

Honestly, I dunno how approved my skincare regime is, so try it at your own risk.  Some say it’s good to stick to one product that works for your skin.  But for me, I always use a combination of products depending on what I feel my skin needs at that time.  It’s like dressing yourself up for the day.  Do you feel slutty tonight?  Then wear low-cut top + high slit skirt.  Or maybe you feel tat you need a little serious in your life & decide to go for black suit?  Do you feel fat / skinny today?  It’s the same for my skin!

I usually put on a little BB cream from Beauty Credit & some eyeliner.  So when I get home, I gotta clean it off. 

After tat traumatising Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil episode, I had to hunt for a good make-up remover.  Gentle yet efficient.  I stumbled upon The Face Shop.  Truth is, I have never stepped into this store in all its years here in Singapore.  But then again, I dun really step into any other cosmetic / beauty product stores.   Never felt the need to take care of my skin until only recently.   But they dun hv any all-in-one makeup remover like Shu Uemura.  The saleslady was like, “oh Koreans dun believe in all-in-one makeup remover becuz they feel that the eyes & face need different treatment“………. ………. ………….. ………… ok fine, that makes sense.

In the end, I bought that Herb Day Lip/Eye Makeup Remover (EMR) & Green Tea Cleansing Emulsion (CE).  I have been using for almost 2 months.  And both are great!!!

You kw how sometimes you use eye products & they give you milia becuz it’s too oily or something??  Then if you’re THAT vain, you’ll hv to go to an eye surgeon to remove the milia for you??  Well, the Herb Day EMR didn’t give me any milia & I use it 5 out of 7 days.  It cleans out any eye makeup easily!!  *gold star gold star*!!! 

As for the Green Tea CE, I cleanse my face with it 3 our of 7 days & it didn’t cause any weird breakouts as well. HORRAY! *gold star gold star*! Btw, I also use the Green Tea CE to wash my hands after applying my face with makeup & BB cream.  Dunno if it’s some psychological effect, but my hands look younger too.  Or it could be The Face Shop Peach & Promegranate Hand Lotion tat I apply religiously at work at least twice a day or each time after I wash my hands with soap.  In fact, I use it on my whole arms & legs.



Every alternate days, I’ll use a skin exfoliator to get rid of all my dead skin cells.  Currently using Bioessence Skin White Revitalizing Exfoliator. See?  It’s even the winner of our Cleo magazine.  I’ve been using this for about 2 months also & I can see that my face really doesn’t have tat many black spots (aka blackheads) anymore.  They have another range that contains ATP (supposedly for cell renewal or regeneration).  You know who’s the spokesperson for the ATP range????  Vivian Hsu, okay?!?!  Exactly how old is that woman?!  She is so lovely.  I so want to try the ATP Skin Exfoliator.  It’s close to S$30.


Or when I feel like it, I also use The Face Shop Flebeaute Diamond Peeling.  It sounds damn luxurious, right??  The scrub grains are sooooo fine that it doesn’t feel like it’s too abrasive.  I kw the correct way to use a scrub is to wet your face, then rub the scrub gently on your face like it’s a cleanser.  But for me, I keep my face DRY.  Then apply a thin layer of scrub cream over my face & leave it for a few mins like a mask.  After tat, I pat a little water on it & massage it all over.  I started this becuz I thought that I shd let whatever nutrients or properties in that cream to be absorbed into my skin first before I wash it off, right?????  I dunno… but for me, the effect is much better tat way.  I only used this a few times, but I can visually see my face fairer.  Could it be some kind of white colouring in the product???  I have no idea, but it hasn’t given me any breakouts so far.  I can’t find a good pic of it on the internet (maybe becuz I’m bad at research), but live with it.

Just came to mind that I have just received some Korean products that were brought back by this girl.  She’s a Singaporean & makes frequent trips to Korea to buy direct from their stores.  Seriously, it is cheaper.  Gina went over a few months ago & got beauty products at a super low cost.  I’ll post ALL THOSE PICS UP!!!  She gave some free samples as well.  I see some stuff which mummy would like to try out… some Gold Caviar face thingy from Skin Food…. i forgot what it’s actually called.  I’ll just put these up in my blog post as Part 3.  Some products you can’t find in Singapore yet.  I’m going to be generous & give Gina the whitening stuff becuz she told me that she’s into fair skin (plus I think I’m fair enough, except for freckles & dark eye circles…. hmmm… somehow fair skin + dark eye circles remind me of Zhen1 Zi3 from The Ring)…. also becuz she’s been such a little Santa Claus & gave me some of the products that she bought from Korea.  GO GINA!  *heart heart*

Oh no, Gina asked for some dark bloody red nail polish from Tony Moly in Korea for like S$4.50.  The girl bought the darkest red she can find, but after I tried it on my little pinky fingernail, it is red with a slightly pinkish hue to it.  hmmm… but the texture of the nail polish has a smooth consistency.  It dries quite fast too (or maybe it’s becuz I applied just 1 coat of paint).  It’s not that bad.

*paints a 2nd coat*… woooo.. ok… it looks like vampire red now.

Oh oh oh… i just want to add some extra information pertaining to that flactuating skin hormone thing I said earlier.  As I was researching on why I recently have breakouts around my mouth/lips area, it so happens that I found out that LAVENDAR can stabalise this imbalance of hormones.  Apparently, using products that contain lavendar oil can help me.  SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo, being the experimental me, I immediately decided to go The Face Shop to get their Herb Therapy Lavendar & Neroli face sheet.  I should say this all in big letters – IT WORKS (i would increase font size too, but won’t allow me to f***ing do it… frustrated now, so now I’m just going to highlight it with multi-colors)!!!!!!!!!!!  After the 1st use, that reddish patch on the right corner of my chin subsided!!!  And the tiny zits around the lips are… not gone (fat hope), but it ripens & pops w/o much damage!!!!  Ok ok ok… just to be sure, I’m going to use it a 2nd time tonight before I sleep.

Note:  This is supposed to be after your cleanser & toner.  The instructions say not to wash off, but I still kind of LIGHTLY rinse it off becuz for The Face Shop mask sheets, they always tend to leave a sticky residue.



Some random ranting:  Whenever you buy a foreign product & there are foreign words on that packaging, do you ever wonder what it actually says????  Becuz as I browse thru Korean products, the only translation you get is what the sales assistants tell you.  It’s seems like a simplified version of what’s written on the product description.  Like when you go to Japan with a translator to translate Japanese conversations to English for you.  At the restaurant, the waitress is saying, “Konichiwa… blah blah blah wa… ah no… blah blah blah… oishi… blah blah blah blah… unagi… blah blah blah blah… blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah deska?  blah blah blah blah.. watashi wa blah blah blah *drones on*“.  Then after she’s done talking, you look at your translator & he is like, “oh they sell fish & curry here“.

(-_-)… … … … … … ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!?!!

You get my drift.

So when I look at the face mask packet, I see those Korean words (in some handwritten font type) at the top portion of the packet w/ the arrow pointing out.  It looks like it’s saying something fun.  But wat do I know?  I can’t read Korean.  If you really want me to guess, I think it says, “This is a light purple dot“.  If you stare really hard at those letterings, there seems to be some…. 4D lottery numbers in there.  Or is it just me???????


Huh… only 2nd step ah?!?!?!  Somehow blogging abt this is more tiring than the actual steps.

Ok, so after both 1st step & that 1.5 step, I usually will go take a shower.  And at the same time, I will wash my face with a cleanser.

Right now, I’m using 2 cleaners (but I’m thinking of adding a 3rd one on my bathroom shelf).

1 – Bioessence Hydra Spa Deep Moisturizing Cleansing Foam (damn long name)

I usually use this in the mornings, when I feel that my face doesn’t need EXTRA cleaning… or when it feels tight. Actually the whole series sound good & I visited the write-ups for Bioessence & was impressed with the professional touch to the whole website (even though they only carry their products in supermarkets / pharmacies & do not have their own stores in Singapore… hmm… or do they? nope. i dun recall that they do).

2 – Beauty Credit Acnever Skin Shower

THIS i use when I come back from work or if I’m out the whole day or after attending BBQs. It just makes me feel EXTRA clean.  But I heard from the stores that this has been discontinued & will be replaced with the Bamboo Skin Shower. Whatever that is, I bought a bottle to try it out. I have not finished my Acnever, so didn’t try out the Bamboo yet. It better not give me any breakouts, or I’ll splash industrial cleaning liquids on all the Beauty Credit shop assistants.

Considering to add #3 – The Face Shop Lavendar Cleanser (for OBVIOUS reasons)

This would be good to try out for balancing my raging hormones during my period cycles (if I had any imbalance hormones in the first place… … both the internet & my skin are in a really confusing place right now).  I’m really thinking of adding this collection. Plus now is the Great Singapore Sale! The Face Shop is having 20% off storewide & members get to have an additional 5% off. YIPPEE!

Side note again.  Do all of you have a standard routine when you take a shower????  For me, I always shampoo my hair first.  Then I rinse it off.  After that, I will put on conditioner & leave it on while I soap my body with all kinds of different products.  In fact, I sometimes mix my shower foams… hahahahaha.  I’ll get an ultra-moisturing body wash (like Olay), squeeze some on my palm & mix a little body scrub into it (stir well.. hehehe).  So this way, I’ll get a nicely scrubbed super-moisturized body.  Best of both worldssssssssssss!!!  =D  After rinsing off both conditioner & body foam, I’ll brush my teeth & wash my face with a cleanser.  And last step will always be washing my…. err…. nether-regions becuz it doesn’t feel right to wash myself down there first then wash my face.  Unless you’re into that kind of stuff, then… i got nothing to say.

Ok, shall stop at Cleansing for now.

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Those of us who have not yet ordered or bought the iPhone 4, will have to thank our lucky stars that the alliance between our dad’s tadpoles & mother’s warm nest didn’t nurture us into a kiasu being.  Unless however, you did plan to order or buy it, but didn’t manage to obtain the iPhone 4, then…… i dunno……… congrats?

Actually I’m feeling kinda gleeful on the defect, becuz there was so much hype abt the iPhones (all generations) that it’s so overrated.  And now that this has punished those kiasu iPhone lovers, I hope you all hv learnt your lesson.  Not everything you rush for & succeed at 1st sight is a good thing.

News article taken from Yahoo! today.

Consumer Reports will not recommend Apple iPhone 4 (link)

SAN FRANCISCO – Consumer Reports said it cannot recommend Apple’s iPhone 4 to buyers after tests confirmed the device’s well-publicized reception glitches.

It added that that AT&T Inc, the exclusive mobile phone carrier for the iPhone 4, was not necessarily the main culprit.

The influential nonprofit organization, which publishes guides on everything from cars to TVs, said in a report released on Monday that it also tested other phones — including the iPhone 3GS and Palm Pre — and found none had the signal-loss problems of Apple’s latest iPhone.

The report was the latest blow to the iPhone 4, which sold 1.7 million units in its first three days on the market but has been plagued by complaints of poor reception (which means there are 1.7 million suckers out there with a defective iPhone 4). Many of the complaints involve a wraparound antenna whose signal strength is said to be affected if touched in a certain way (sounds so erotic).

Kaufman Bros analyst Shaw Wu said he was surprised by the stance that Consumer Reports took on the new iPhone. Wu noted that the group’s recommendations are used as a guide by many consumers.

“Consumer reports is a respected publication. This could have an impact on iPhone sales,” Wu said.

Apple shares were down 1 percent at $257.06 on Monday afternoon on the Nasdaq.

The company has been sued by iPhone customers in at least three complaints related to antenna problems.

“When your finger or hand touches a spot on the phone’s lower left side — an easy thing, especially for lefties (why lower left side?  maybe all Apple employees are right-handed so nobody thot of the lefties) — the signal can significantly degrade enough to cause you to lose your connection altogether if you’re in an area with a weak signal (esp so if you stay in The Pinnacle… reception is already horrible with normal hps),” contributor Mike Gikas said in a report on the Consumer Reports website.

“Our findings call into question the recent claim by Apple that the iPhone 4’s signal-strength issues were largely an optical illusion caused by faulty software that ‘mistakenly displays 2 more bars than it should for a given signal strength,'” Gikas said.

Apple did not respond to a request for comment. (of course lah.. paisey liao)

Gikas recommended covering the gap in the wraparound antenna with duct tape or some other non-conductive material. (duct tape so ugly… i recommend Hello Kitty stickers)

Apple has said almost any cellphone will suffer a loss of signal if held in certain ways. It said later it had discovered a software glitch that overstates signal strength, though it did not directly address concerns about the antenna with that admission.

On the flip side, Consumer Reports said the iPhone scored high on other testing grounds such as battery life, sharp display and high-quality video camera.

However, Gikas said the signal problem was the reason the iPhone 4 would not be classified as a “recommended” device in its smartphone ratings. (smart comment… becuz a hp wouldn’t be a hp if there is not reception, right?  might as well buy a separate camera, laptop & PS)

“Apple needs to come out with a permanent — and free — fix to the antenna problem before we can recommend the iPhone4,” said Gikas in his blog post on (i’m actually curious abt what free methods they can use to fix the antenna problem.  mostly likely got to exchange 1 for 1 with an improved model)


This is a good illustration of – “Patience is a virtue”.

Ok fine, I’ll admit that I wanted to get the iPhone 4 as well, but luckily I always believe that the 1st batch out from production is never good.  Even humans are not born perfect.  It’s only after birth, then we learn thru life experiences & hardships, right?  Same for products.  1st batch out of the oven, you must let other ppl complain abt the initial problems, then let the manufacturer improve it, THEN we buy it (with the exception for Sony Erisson Satio, becuz the more I upgrade the software, the more problems will surface.  Farkers).

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Skincare Regime in Military Style (Part I)

Hitting 30 seems to send paranoia signals to my brain somehow. Suddenly everyone around you looks younger, fresher & more radiant… then you turn to a mirror & can’t help wondering, “where the hell did all that youth go to????

It’s a harsh world out there. Work is tough. People are unpredictable. You always have to watch your back. But fortunately, once in a blue moon, there are ppl who come into your life & allow you to feel that everything is not that bad after all. By ppl, I mean the ones who created beauty & skincare products. Ok ok, plus the few friends that I have.

With all the stress (emotional / physical / mental / chemical???, all combined) that we have to face in our daily lives, it’s no wonder it’s taking a toll on our skin.

It’s like you suffer from emotional stress, your skin complexion turns dull & dry up.

Physical stress gives you like… oh i dunno…. WRINKLES???

Mental stress can inevitably cause creases in your face… you know, like… if you’re feeling pissed off all the time, you tend to furrow your eyebrows & you get this deep crease in the center of your forehead. Or if you’re feeling grumpy perpetually, you unconsciously hv this down-turned lips action & you give yourself creases around the mouth area. (hmmm… actually laughing all the time can also cause creases around the eyes & mouth area, although I would like to think that it would help exercise the cheek muscles so they dun droop down & make you look like some breed of bulldog…)

Ok, side track a bit, it occurs to me that some human beings can be absolutely rude. You know those ppl who tell you to your face that you are damn fat / skinny… have a lot of zits… or that you have thick lips… or your feet are bigger than your bf’s… or that the birthmark on your face is very distracting… or something bad. Do these ppl mean it as a joke or… are they really trying to be rude? I can never tell. Of course, I have been at the receiving end of these utterly rude comments. And there are many times where I hear ppl just CASUALLY commenting on other ppl’s physical appearance. It makes me wonder what these Rudies (rude ppl shall be officially branded as Rudies from today onwards) are thinking. Really. Does it make Rudies feel really shiok to tell others that they are ugly or wat? Funny thing is that these Rudies do not exactly look like Greek Gods themselves. Do they think that they are being kind becuz they are ‘just pointing out your faults good-naturedly for you to have a chance to correct them’??? Becuz I can be very kind also… & recommend them to a good plastic surgeon. What?? I’m just as good-natured as them mahhhhhh…

oh oh… back to chemical stress. I think chemical stress is kinda like… hmmm… oxidation of the skin or some clever description (if i knew exactly wat the word is, i wouldn’t be in HR). I only know something in the environment can cause formation of freckles & pigmentation & dark spots / old spots & whatever other fugly spots you can have on your skin. I kw this for sure, that oxygen may not be a good thing to our skin. So what I do is look for products that has anti-oxidants or take fruits that contains that as well. But honestly, do you really completely believe on everything you read about in magazines or the internet or at the back of a product description??? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… worth a thought.

Digress a bit again… How many of you think that the best looking guys are usually gay??? not referring to happy gay, but more like gay gay. Like Adam Lambert (not really in the handsome category, but you gotta admit he’s 101% sexy), Takeshi Kaneshiro (he’s rumored to be gay & he’s fabulously handsome), and some other gay men I’ve met who look like supermodels with a great delicious tan. Or is it just me who thinks that gay men are more charming?? They always have the twinkle in their eyes & the smooth way they operate their every action. Maybe I secretly want to be them. *sweet blissful sigh while fantasizing me being a gay man*…

oh shit, just realized that this might be quite a long post. *hesitate hesitate*… i still got pictures to upload here… hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

I think I’ll just make this a part I… *proceeds to insert the words (Part I) in the heading*…

Actually I started this blog post in the direction of posting my recently planned out skincare regime in the most military style ever made in my life’s history, so that my future generations (if any) can read my blog & understand that skincare works + they have to start young or else they’ll soon regret it in the future when they’re like……… *ahem*… 30.

When I was in my younger days, all I ever did was wash my face with watever facial foam there is at home. Except for the irritating teenager phase where you start getting all sorts of skin problems like blackheads / whiteheads, zits, acne, oil spots, weird bumps & a small development of freckles (yes my freckles started really young), as well as old-looking neck even when you’re only 20. If you’ve never gone thru this phase & have absolutely perfect flawless baby smooth skin since you popped out of your mother’s vagina, then Fark you I hate you Stay at home & dun step out of the house or you’ll be clobbered by ppl all around the world.

Just kidding.

I’m sure you’ll still have a zit or 2 in your entire life. Or a wrinkle line, at least. Or maybe oneeeee tiny spot of freckle? no? never had them? fark you. *clubs your head*

… just kidding. I’m happy for you. Really.

Even though I’m filled with jealous rage. *swaps your shower foam w/ industrial cleaning detergents*


Side track again… how to make the stupid wordpress font larger?!?! This squinty font size is irritating the hell out of me. Who is the genius who thinks font size 6 is the way to do it for blog posts?? huh?? who??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t you know tat by making ppl squint their eyes while reading is only going to cause them creases in the inner corners of their eyes?????

Btw, you kw what I like abt blogging? I do realize that not everything I blog about are truths… but neither are they lies. It’s more like……. half-truths? Or like truths that lead to imaginary events or situations. It’s like I think about how psychotic I am recently about skincare, or it so happens that someone asked me what I do to my face at night… then it just strikes me to blog when I’m bored. Hey. I like the sound of that. Blog when I’m bored. Also, it’s half-truths becuz I can’t stop the thoughts that are running thru my head. Like it drifts off to Rudies & I just say watever comes to my head at that moment. It sounds like I absolutely hate them, but yet in actual fact, I’m not exactly that pissed off. You kw what I mean? But the gay men part is kinda true.

Anyway, if my blog happens to entertain you, then good for you. If it doesn’t, then… *lips quiver with teary eyes*…

I feel like writing a book sometimes. A book that nobody would ever buy. A 1001-page book of my random thoughts. Maybe I’ll just publish like… 1 copy of the book & track the length of time it takes to have just one person buy it. Might be… 10 years… or never. Although in my fantasy, I would imagine 1 person to buy it for his kids the second it hits the bookstore becuz he thought that it would make a lovely picture book with kiddy pictures.  Then the next few days, he notices his kids scold vulgarities & have vivid imaginations about murder/rape/torture or trying to get rid of noisy birds at night… and it occurs to him that he should read my book.  Then it would strike him pleasantly that my book is super impressive.  And this guy happen to be a famous book critic. After reading all of it, he is totally impressed & contacts me to make me the #1 best-selling author in the world. I’ll get a double platinum award in the shape of a golden book (what other shape do you think it would be?? ermm… maybe a pen would be nice too) & I will pass it down generations after generations. Letting my decendents know that being a day-dreamer & a person who has short-attention span is not a bad thing after all.

…………………… where was I?

Oh, about skincare.

If I rmbr correctly, it was last year when I suddenly realized how old I have become. You kw how you always feel that you’re 18, but the mirror shocks you by slapping the truth in your face? It just so happen that one day, I saw a pimple on my face & I was trying to pop it in front of the mirror… when I saw The Freckles (they deserve Title Case becuz it feels like they belong to a group… like The Beatles or something).

The Freckles used to be only a few on both sides on my cheeks. But….. when did they breed into a colony????? BO KOR NENGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!! (Hokkien to English translation: CANNOT BEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!)

Upon further examination, there are fine lines on both my cheeks when I smile + folds/creases on the outer & inner corners of my eyes.

Flaky skin around the lip area.

Enlarged pores with sprinkles of blackheads around my nose & chin areas…

Plus, as I’m single-eyelid, so the top eyelids droop down over the top eyelashes.

All these points are enough to send me into panic attack.

At the same time, my mother is looking younger & younger every weekend.  So I had to ask in a humble voice, “your majesty, may I know what products you are using?  how come your complexion getting nicer & nicer?

Then she spoke wise words of wisdom, “must use collagen“, and taps me on the shoulders with a tube of collagen eye cream.

I’m not kidding you, but these products work like a miracle.  Of course, I get the occasional rash from using some of these products, but that’s becuz my skin is very sensitive esp around the lip area.

At least the fine lines on both my cheeks are gone (and i mean, TOTALLY gone).

Flaky skin around the lip area is reduced by 80% (but it’s good enough for me).

Blackheads gone (but you can’t really do anything about enlarged pores, only that you can stop them from becoming even larger by getting rid of clogged pores & blackheads).

Creases around my eyes are not that obvious anymore becuz now I keep them well-moisturized.

Old-looking neck is now young again… from my obsessive compulsion with scrubbing, moisturizing + treatment with masks (yes I put masks on my neck as well).

Can’t help anything about the droopy top eyelids though… which is why I encourage everyone to take care of themselves before the symptoms start showing.

Neither can I do anything about The Freckles becuz they have already breed at least 2 generations of families there (you can actually differentiate the parents from the little babies by their darkness & size)… unless I wipe them out with laser.  But for now, I’m using some whitening products to prevent & lighten The Freckles.

Prevention is always better than cure.  Becuz for certain things, it will never be completely cured.

End of blog post.  I shall blog part II when I have gathered all my photos.  Tee Hee Hee.

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I love the world these days. They give us MLOL (Mean Little Old Lady) in the office.  They give us 90yr old man who rapes primary school kids (read abt it in my previous blog post).  Now, we are intrigued by Paul.

Paul: *peeks over his shoulders*… stop looking at my 1 sexy outstretched tentacle. My masters just put more candy on the Spain box!




By Agence France-Presse, Updated: 8 July 2010 (original article found HERE)
Spanish govt worries over soothsaying octopus

The Spanish government on Thursday expressed concern for the future wellbeing of Paul, the soothsaying octopus who from its German zoo has predicted a slew of correct results at the World Cup.

Paul has made correct predictions on the outcome of all six of Germany’s matches – including Wednesday’s 1-0 semi-final loss to the Spanish – by choosing to eat a morsel of food from boxes emblazoned with the flags of the German team and its rivals.

Four times he chose the Germans and they won; twice he plumped for their rivals – and they won too.

Now the Spanish are worried the Germans may take some kind of ‘revenge’ for their exit on the mollusc medium with fans of Die Mannschaft bemoaning his preference for Spain ahead of their semi.

“I am concerned for the octopus … I am thinking of sending him a protective team,” joked Prime Minister Jose Luiz Rodriguez Zapatero on Radio Cadena Ser.

Environment and Fisheries Minister Elena Espinosa suggested there be a moratorium on going after Paul.

“On Monday, I shall be at the European Council of Ministers and I shall be asking for a (fishing) ban on Paul the octopus so the Germans do not eat him!”

Some Germany fans have posted messages on internet forums suggesting that Paul’s reward for his clairvoyant powers should be a meeting with the barbecue or the paella pot while a German journalist said after the game he was possessed of “a sudden desire to eat a bit of squid.”

That struck a chord with Spanish fans and even ahead of the match Spanish Industry Minister Miguel Sebastian called for the creature to be given an “immediate” free transfer to Spain to “ensure his protection”.

Ok, one thing we know for sure is that… if Paul ends up in Japan or in the angry German’s hands, the next thing that he is going to predict:  will his fate be either sushi or tempura?

Secondly, if Spain manages to adopt Paul, is he going to convert from German citizenship to Spain citizenship or PR?  He has some serious issues to consider if he’s thinking long-term.

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