Palliative Drug

Get these thoughts out of my head!

The Gross Things in Life

on 6 July 2010

.. which would be…

To pop somebody’s zit.  And juice squirts out in a jet-like spray all over your forehead + hair.  The zit looked so innocent.

To step into a public toilet & notice that it is the squatting kind.  But as you carefully inch your way around it, you trip over your high heels & land on a suspicious-looking puddle of yellow water with your bare foot.

You eat food & find hairs in it.  Dun ask if curly or not curly.  Does it even matter?  Hairs are generally gross if it didn’t come from you & they end up in your mouth.

You munch on a chocolate chip muffin & spot a cute doggie taking a dump on the grass.  Why can’t pets be trained to poop on newspapers at home instead?  Why must bring them out to the open?

Your partner seems to like playing the “Bei See” (nose booger) Game, by sticking his / her boogers on your skin & thinks it’s funny.

Your sister asks you to squeeze the cyst on her butt / back & it oozes out like toothpaste on your fingers.

Somebody in the public toilet doesn’t know the courtesy of flushing their poop down the toilet.

A stranger walks past you & his arm slightly brushes across yours.  It felt wet & there is no toilet around for washing.

Your friend laughs & a huge glob of drool falls out of her mouth.  How the hell did that happen?  Could it be the curve of her thick lips + lack of control of her tongue that caused the drool?

But the thing that gross me out the most… is eating together with ppl who do not care about any hygiene.  They would stick their chopsticks into a shared plate of vegetables / fish / soup, then stir & flip & stir the food searching for parts that they want to eat.  Either that, or they’ll turn their heads towards you and COUGH / SNEEZE in your direction without covering their mouths completely & you can feel some sprinkle of wetness on your arm.  Or or or… they will bend forward in the direction of your plate & go *puit puit puit* while spitting fish bones out of their mouths onto the table.  It’s like… what the hell is your problem lor.  Is it your hidden agenda to make me eat your spittle?  I totally HATE this.  I think it’s just bad manners.  Bad disgusting manners.  Your mother never teach you manners, is it?!  Or you’re hoping that by doing that, I will stop eating, so that there is more food for you.  Asshole.  I dun care whether you’re 6 yrs old or 60 yrs old.  Stop it.  I’m serious.  It pisses me off in the worst possible way.

*clubs your head & bashes your face in*


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