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on 7 July 2010

Stupid bird!!!

I dunno wat breed it is (although I suspect it’s a Cuckoo bird), but once I find out, I’m going to make your whole breed EXTINCT! YOU HEAR ME!! EXTINCT!!!

It sometimes goes, “cuck kooOOOO… cuck kooOOOOO” in this loud, sharp high-pitched voice. Or it goes, “koooooOOOOO koooOOOOO kooOOOOOOO” in a loud, sharp high-pitched cresendo volume. If you dunno what ‘cresendo’ means, you can type in MSWord, right click & move your cursor over to Synonyms. It’ll give you a list of similar word descriptions like… increase / upsurge / swelling / buildup / climax / loudening. They ALL describe the word perfectly. And you kw how irritating it is to hear some stupid bird throughout the night calling loudly for sex or asking for death or something.

To me, it is asking for death. My ultimate plan will be to introduce Cuckoo birds (assuming it is a friggin Cuckoo) as some sort of a delicacy… becuz you kw how Chinese are crazy ppl & they will eat anything that has its back towards the sky (like pigeons / monkeys / dogs / cats / lizards / all sort of bugs / etc). Soon, very soon, they will be caught & eaten so often that the world will be a more pleasant place to be in.

Recently, this stupid bird found a gf. They have been cuckoo’ing the whole goddamn night. They probably feel no need to sleep & decide to sing to each other. Can’t imagine when they have babies. It’s going to be a friggin Bird Park. ARGH!

There was this one really late night, maybe about 2am, we were watching tv & surfing internet. Then this noisy truck drove past & it probably woke the birds becuz they immediately decide to scream at the top of their lungs for a good 30 mins. My bf cursed at the damn truck saying, “farrrrkerrrrr, must he wake the damn birds?!?!“.. hahahhaa.. ok, that was funny becuz we were not sleeping at tat moment.

Maybe one day, I’m going to make some kind of voice recording on that bird… if my crappy Sony Erisson hp will allow it. See if this bird is in your area as well. Then we can all petition against this breed of birds!!!


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