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Skincare Regime in Military Style (Part I)

on 10 July 2010

Hitting 30 seems to send paranoia signals to my brain somehow. Suddenly everyone around you looks younger, fresher & more radiant… then you turn to a mirror & can’t help wondering, “where the hell did all that youth go to????

It’s a harsh world out there. Work is tough. People are unpredictable. You always have to watch your back. But fortunately, once in a blue moon, there are ppl who come into your life & allow you to feel that everything is not that bad after all. By ppl, I mean the ones who created beauty & skincare products. Ok ok, plus the few friends that I have.

With all the stress (emotional / physical / mental / chemical???, all combined) that we have to face in our daily lives, it’s no wonder it’s taking a toll on our skin.

It’s like you suffer from emotional stress, your skin complexion turns dull & dry up.

Physical stress gives you like… oh i dunno…. WRINKLES???

Mental stress can inevitably cause creases in your face… you know, like… if you’re feeling pissed off all the time, you tend to furrow your eyebrows & you get this deep crease in the center of your forehead. Or if you’re feeling grumpy perpetually, you unconsciously hv this down-turned lips action & you give yourself creases around the mouth area. (hmmm… actually laughing all the time can also cause creases around the eyes & mouth area, although I would like to think that it would help exercise the cheek muscles so they dun droop down & make you look like some breed of bulldog…)

Ok, side track a bit, it occurs to me that some human beings can be absolutely rude. You know those ppl who tell you to your face that you are damn fat / skinny… have a lot of zits… or that you have thick lips… or your feet are bigger than your bf’s… or that the birthmark on your face is very distracting… or something bad. Do these ppl mean it as a joke or… are they really trying to be rude? I can never tell. Of course, I have been at the receiving end of these utterly rude comments. And there are many times where I hear ppl just CASUALLY commenting on other ppl’s physical appearance. It makes me wonder what these Rudies (rude ppl shall be officially branded as Rudies from today onwards) are thinking. Really. Does it make Rudies feel really shiok to tell others that they are ugly or wat? Funny thing is that these Rudies do not exactly look like Greek Gods themselves. Do they think that they are being kind becuz they are ‘just pointing out your faults good-naturedly for you to have a chance to correct them’??? Becuz I can be very kind also… & recommend them to a good plastic surgeon. What?? I’m just as good-natured as them mahhhhhh…

oh oh… back to chemical stress. I think chemical stress is kinda like… hmmm… oxidation of the skin or some clever description (if i knew exactly wat the word is, i wouldn’t be in HR). I only know something in the environment can cause formation of freckles & pigmentation & dark spots / old spots & whatever other fugly spots you can have on your skin. I kw this for sure, that oxygen may not be a good thing to our skin. So what I do is look for products that has anti-oxidants or take fruits that contains that as well. But honestly, do you really completely believe on everything you read about in magazines or the internet or at the back of a product description??? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… worth a thought.

Digress a bit again… How many of you think that the best looking guys are usually gay??? not referring to happy gay, but more like gay gay. Like Adam Lambert (not really in the handsome category, but you gotta admit he’s 101% sexy), Takeshi Kaneshiro (he’s rumored to be gay & he’s fabulously handsome), and some other gay men I’ve met who look like supermodels with a great delicious tan. Or is it just me who thinks that gay men are more charming?? They always have the twinkle in their eyes & the smooth way they operate their every action. Maybe I secretly want to be them. *sweet blissful sigh while fantasizing me being a gay man*…

oh shit, just realized that this might be quite a long post. *hesitate hesitate*… i still got pictures to upload here… hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

I think I’ll just make this a part I… *proceeds to insert the words (Part I) in the heading*…

Actually I started this blog post in the direction of posting my recently planned out skincare regime in the most military style ever made in my life’s history, so that my future generations (if any) can read my blog & understand that skincare works + they have to start young or else they’ll soon regret it in the future when they’re like……… *ahem*… 30.

When I was in my younger days, all I ever did was wash my face with watever facial foam there is at home. Except for the irritating teenager phase where you start getting all sorts of skin problems like blackheads / whiteheads, zits, acne, oil spots, weird bumps & a small development of freckles (yes my freckles started really young), as well as old-looking neck even when you’re only 20. If you’ve never gone thru this phase & have absolutely perfect flawless baby smooth skin since you popped out of your mother’s vagina, then Fark you I hate you Stay at home & dun step out of the house or you’ll be clobbered by ppl all around the world.

Just kidding.

I’m sure you’ll still have a zit or 2 in your entire life. Or a wrinkle line, at least. Or maybe oneeeee tiny spot of freckle? no? never had them? fark you. *clubs your head*

… just kidding. I’m happy for you. Really.

Even though I’m filled with jealous rage. *swaps your shower foam w/ industrial cleaning detergents*


Side track again… how to make the stupid wordpress font larger?!?! This squinty font size is irritating the hell out of me. Who is the genius who thinks font size 6 is the way to do it for blog posts?? huh?? who??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t you know tat by making ppl squint their eyes while reading is only going to cause them creases in the inner corners of their eyes?????

Btw, you kw what I like abt blogging? I do realize that not everything I blog about are truths… but neither are they lies. It’s more like……. half-truths? Or like truths that lead to imaginary events or situations. It’s like I think about how psychotic I am recently about skincare, or it so happens that someone asked me what I do to my face at night… then it just strikes me to blog when I’m bored. Hey. I like the sound of that. Blog when I’m bored. Also, it’s half-truths becuz I can’t stop the thoughts that are running thru my head. Like it drifts off to Rudies & I just say watever comes to my head at that moment. It sounds like I absolutely hate them, but yet in actual fact, I’m not exactly that pissed off. You kw what I mean? But the gay men part is kinda true.

Anyway, if my blog happens to entertain you, then good for you. If it doesn’t, then… *lips quiver with teary eyes*…

I feel like writing a book sometimes. A book that nobody would ever buy. A 1001-page book of my random thoughts. Maybe I’ll just publish like… 1 copy of the book & track the length of time it takes to have just one person buy it. Might be… 10 years… or never. Although in my fantasy, I would imagine 1 person to buy it for his kids the second it hits the bookstore becuz he thought that it would make a lovely picture book with kiddy pictures.  Then the next few days, he notices his kids scold vulgarities & have vivid imaginations about murder/rape/torture or trying to get rid of noisy birds at night… and it occurs to him that he should read my book.  Then it would strike him pleasantly that my book is super impressive.  And this guy happen to be a famous book critic. After reading all of it, he is totally impressed & contacts me to make me the #1 best-selling author in the world. I’ll get a double platinum award in the shape of a golden book (what other shape do you think it would be?? ermm… maybe a pen would be nice too) & I will pass it down generations after generations. Letting my decendents know that being a day-dreamer & a person who has short-attention span is not a bad thing after all.

…………………… where was I?

Oh, about skincare.

If I rmbr correctly, it was last year when I suddenly realized how old I have become. You kw how you always feel that you’re 18, but the mirror shocks you by slapping the truth in your face? It just so happen that one day, I saw a pimple on my face & I was trying to pop it in front of the mirror… when I saw The Freckles (they deserve Title Case becuz it feels like they belong to a group… like The Beatles or something).

The Freckles used to be only a few on both sides on my cheeks. But….. when did they breed into a colony????? BO KOR NENGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!! (Hokkien to English translation: CANNOT BEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!)

Upon further examination, there are fine lines on both my cheeks when I smile + folds/creases on the outer & inner corners of my eyes.

Flaky skin around the lip area.

Enlarged pores with sprinkles of blackheads around my nose & chin areas…

Plus, as I’m single-eyelid, so the top eyelids droop down over the top eyelashes.

All these points are enough to send me into panic attack.

At the same time, my mother is looking younger & younger every weekend.  So I had to ask in a humble voice, “your majesty, may I know what products you are using?  how come your complexion getting nicer & nicer?

Then she spoke wise words of wisdom, “must use collagen“, and taps me on the shoulders with a tube of collagen eye cream.

I’m not kidding you, but these products work like a miracle.  Of course, I get the occasional rash from using some of these products, but that’s becuz my skin is very sensitive esp around the lip area.

At least the fine lines on both my cheeks are gone (and i mean, TOTALLY gone).

Flaky skin around the lip area is reduced by 80% (but it’s good enough for me).

Blackheads gone (but you can’t really do anything about enlarged pores, only that you can stop them from becoming even larger by getting rid of clogged pores & blackheads).

Creases around my eyes are not that obvious anymore becuz now I keep them well-moisturized.

Old-looking neck is now young again… from my obsessive compulsion with scrubbing, moisturizing + treatment with masks (yes I put masks on my neck as well).

Can’t help anything about the droopy top eyelids though… which is why I encourage everyone to take care of themselves before the symptoms start showing.

Neither can I do anything about The Freckles becuz they have already breed at least 2 generations of families there (you can actually differentiate the parents from the little babies by their darkness & size)… unless I wipe them out with laser.  But for now, I’m using some whitening products to prevent & lighten The Freckles.

Prevention is always better than cure.  Becuz for certain things, it will never be completely cured.

End of blog post.  I shall blog part II when I have gathered all my photos.  Tee Hee Hee.


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