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Intriguing Theory on Backstabbing

on 20 July 2010

Today at 1126hrs, I feel like a Sheldon from Big Bang Theory.

All these while I had this basic Cause & Effect perception in my mind about backstabbing:

– someone pissed you off

– to sneakily hurt someone’s name & reputation behind their back becuz they pissed you off

– to make 5 out of 10 ppl trust your backstabbing words (hey, you can’t have ALL of them give you their trust based on your words)

Preventative Measures
– don’t let the receiver of your backstab find out out you have done

Recovery Action
– if the receiver does find out about you backstabbing her, you shd hv a lie ready on hand

Actually some ready-made lies as researched on the internet (no kidding) are as follows:

act dumb like you’ve nvr heard of it before & keep asking “ARE YOU SURE ARE YOU SURE HE SAID THAT ABOUT ME???”… (maybe this is to keep her wondering if she heard the wrong info or if that other fella heard the wrong info)

gasp in shock & say that you dun kw what’s going on & honestly you dun wan to be a part of any political struggle in the office (which is actually quite smart becuz this way it would instill a little doubt in the receiver aka your victim on everything that she hears)

react in anger & demand who is the farker who betrayed you spread such lies abt poor innocent you, then swear to the heavens above on your innocence (while keeping your fingers crossed behind your back)

behave nonchalantly like it doesn’t affect you & emotionlessly ask which fella told her about you backstabbing her, then the victim would feel surprised at your non-reaction & this is the part where you say that you can’t do anything if she chooses to believe tat other guy than trust you (very very sneaky indeed)

Ok, but as I was saying, apparently, ppl do not backstab others just becuz they pissed someone off.

I found out today that backstabbing can be done for all sorts of reasons:

– you’re pissed at someone *backstab!*, common

– you’re jealous at someone *backstab!*, common

– you’re bored *backstab!*, yes bored like nothing to do & you decide to talk about something about someone, then feel that it would be interesting to backstab them.

– you’re happy &  you kw it, so clap your hands while backstabbing ppl *backstab!*, this breed intrigues me & I hv yet to find out why they do this

The scariest group of ppl are actually those who gather around the office & gossip & laugh & look like they are always having a great time.  But in actual fact, when one of them arrives back late for lunch break, the rest of them start gossiping among themselves about how she’s too much & taking advantage.  When the late-returner appears back in the office from her extended lunch break, suddenly everyone is laughing & joking & giving one another pats on the backs again.  WTH????????

Or or… when one of them needs specialist care & goes to the hospital on time-off from work, the rest of them would show their concern “oh how are you now?  is everything ok?  how’s the report results?“.  But then they run to another person & complain that this sick colleague is always not doing her work & question if an MC was produced for her absence.  WTH x2 ?????????????????????

(insert any other backstabbing situations here)

Come on, it’s either you’re concerned or you’re not, right?????????

*pauses to ponder on this for a while*

This is interesting to me.  Seems like the world has evolved into something very different from my generation.

Last time it used to be very simple – piss someone off & risk the possibility of a backstab.  But now it’s all so complicated.

I shall put more thought into this so tat I can rationalise the wonders of backstabbing.


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