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Trival Info (which you might already know)

on 28 July 2010

Remember how I was upset about not being able to increase the font size of my blog text????

I just found out that you don’t have to change the man to suit the surroundings.  You can change the surroundings to suit the man!  (verse stolen from an old Guiness Stout commercial featuring George Lam? Yam? Tam?)

Since I can’t do anything about my typing font, YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR READING VIEW!!!

If you’re using laptop, you can hold on to CTRL key then tab onto the + key to increase the size of the whole webpage that you’re reading.  Then hold on to CTRL key & tab onto the – key to decrease the size.

If that don’t work, then you can always go to View and select Text Size.  Then chose “Larger” or “Largest”.

Incredible, isn’t it?

But then again, this is probably something which you already know.


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